Organisational Develpment (OD)

Associations today need to ensure their organisation is able to manage changes internally to ensure its stability and growth alongside constant changing industry trends and external shifts, whilst at the same time meeting the needs of current and future members.

Organisational Development is an on-going, systematic process of implementing effective organisational change. It is the framework for a change process designed to lead to desirable positive impact to all stakeholders and the environment and is something that all leaders need to understand and be able to get involved in. The core values of Organisational Development are to provide opportunities for association members to reach their full potential as well as to increase the effectiveness of the organisation itself in terms of its goals and objectives.

At MMR we are qualified in teaching, coaching and training in Organisational Development, with multi-cultural consultants, we demonstrate a high sensibility to cultural difference in this process.

There are two key methods that we can use for your Organisational Development process - MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and the TKI (Thomas-Kilmann Instrument) Conflict Management tools. MMR will work with you to agree the best approach to help your association deal with organisational development, leadership challenges, team building and internal conflict solutions.

How MMR can help with your Organisational Development:

  • Expert design and delivery of customised seminars in leadership, management, negotiation skills and cross-cultural communication

  • Skilled coaching and training to enable your executives discover and define critical action steps for improving relationships and productivity

  • Education of your managers in how to work with employees who are having personal problems affecting their job performance

  • Designed and structured solutions for conflict management within teams

Organisational Development training and coaching will take place at an individual and/or team level, dependent on your needs and requirements.  Contact us to find out how we can help

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