Enable groups & organisations to work more effectively, collaborate & achieve synergy

Group facilitation

The need for meetings is ubiquitous for many reasons going from setting a strategy and solving organizational issues to resolving conflicts & sharing information.

My role of facilitator is to make everyone feel comfortable and valued by:

■ Encouraging participation

■ Preventing and managing conflict

■ Listening and observing

■ Guiding the group

■ Ensuring quality decisions

■ Ensuring outcome

My key responsibility as a facilitator is to create a group process & an environment in which it can flourish, and help the group reach a successful decision, solution or conclusion.

Individual facilitation
I provide facilitationfor individuals when two or more employees are experiencing conflict & disagreement.
In this kind of situation, a skilled facilitator can provide the structure, content and process needed by the individual employees to reach a mutually satisfying solution to their issues.

Facilitation is a powerful tool that is used to help individuals and groups more effectively and efficiently.

"A facilitator is someone who guides group members in meeting to share ideas,
opinions, experiences in order to achieve a common goal."


Strategic decision making

Analysis and action research

Structured decision making

Planning in all its forms

Problem solving, negotiation

Learning (training & development)

Team building & development

Benefits of Facilitation

Improve decision making

Improve group dynamics

Assist decision makers through change process

Creative problem solving

Achieve common focus & priorities for groups with divergent views

Challenge existing paradigms

Improved planning

Higher levels of buy in & ownership for planning and change